Elizabeth E. McAfee

Emory University, Atlanta, GA, 2018- Present
Polytechnic School, Pasadena, California, 2004-2018, Graduated June 2018
Pinsky Theater Arts Award for Most Valuable Contribution to the Performing Arts Program

Research Experience
Undergraduate Research Assistant in BUILD lab, Summer 2020-Present
Under Dr. Patricia Brennan, I assist on two projects aiming to identify stress markers in the microbiome of children whose mothers were treated for depression prenatally. I do participant recruitment for the Tooth Fairy Study, calling previous participants to obtain baby teeth for biological markers. I also code for the Echo study, coding for specific behaviors and the overall dyad in videos of mother and infant play. I also participate in biweekly lab meetings where graduate students present their research.
Teaching Assistant at Mercy Primary School, Summer 2019
Through an Emory Psychology in the British Isles summer abroad program, I was a teaching assistant in an second grade classroom in an Irish elementary school for 3 weeks. I helped the main teacher with assignments, grading, and helping the kids complete projects. I was assigned for many of the days to watch over a child with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. Along with serving as a teaching assistant, I was conducting a psychology study on empathy on four of the children. I wrote a 35 page paper about the results of the study and received eight course credits for this work.

Teaching Assistant at Polytechnic school's summer program, Summer 2018
In the summer of 2018, I worked the creative writing class again, demonstrated and taught theater games for first graders, directed plays in a reader’s theater class for second graders, and assisted in an analytical writing class for eighth graders where I helped edit their paragraphs and develop their ideas and sentences.
Teaching Assistant at Polytechnic school's summer program, Summer 2017
In 2017, I was the assistant teacher for a creative writing class for sixth graders, geography and culture for second graders, a math class for kindergarteners, and a craft class for kindergarteners. I helped demonstrate lessons, taught parts of the curriculum, and helped the teachers run the class.
Mother's Club Learning Center, December 2013-2018 (Volunteer)
Mother's Club is a non-profit organization that prepares families living in isolation and poverty to succeed in school and in life. I volunteer during the summers and as a block period during my eighth grade year to assist children from ages 0-3 years old.
Colburn School, October 2013-2018 (Volunteer)
I was an assistant teacher for Debbie Devine, the chair of the Colburn Acting Department, co-teaching her Creative Dramatics Class for ages 5-7, her Drama I class for ages 8-10, and her Drama II class for ages 12-15.
Jinotega, Nicaragua teaching, March 2016 (Volunteer)
As a part of my school's GIP program and a partnership with Outreach 360, I traveled to Jinotega, Nicaragua over spring break and taught English lessons to children ages 6-12. We planned our lessons and taught them the value of time, the difference between the words always and sometimes, and names of animals in English. It was an incredible experience.
UCLA Summer Camp Counselor in Training (C.I.T.), Summer 2012 (Volunteer)
During the summer of 2012, I attended two weeks of training and then for the next month, I volunteered with the 5 and 6 year olds as a counselor in training with my alias "Cotton Candy."
Babysitter, 2016-2018
I was a regular sitter for several families in the Pasadena area from ages 2 months-12 years old.

Service and Club Memberships
Vice-President of Membership Experience, Alpha Delta Pi, Emory Chapter, January 2021 - January 2022
I oversee the membership experience team, including sisterhood chair, new member coordinator, and alumni engagement specialist. In addition, I plan the chapter retreat, organize big-little reveal, and create small Covid-safe events for chapter members. As a member of the Executive Board, I participate in weekly meetings for both executive functions and leading chapter. One of my responsibilities is to create the Diamond Development Plan for the semesters, and submit a monthly report on membership experience functions.
Liaison for S.A.F.E Greeks, January 2020 - Present
I am a liaison for Alpha Delta Pi for the Sexual Assault Forum to Educate Greeks. As a liaison I organize initiatives for policy changes and events with general body members and help to coordinate student trainings with the Respect Program on Active Bystander Skills (ABS) and Sexual Assault Peer Advocacy (SAPA) for Emory Campus.
Leader of Membership Empowerment of Her Voice Emory: Women in Politics and Activism, January 2020 -
As a member of the executive board, I lead general body meetings, conduct fundraising and informational tables for the Emory Community, and organize, plan, and carry out activities such as political rallies, forums, and hands on activism for the general body members.
Sisterhood Chair, Alpha Delta Pi, Emory Chapter, Spring 2020- Fall 2020.
Director of Ritual Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Emory Chapter, Spring 2019- Spring 2020.
Member, Alpha Delta Pi, Emory Chapter (Delta Alpha).
Lullwater Literary Magazine Editor and Review Board Member, Fall 2018 - Present
Emory Dark Arts Collaboration Liaison, Fall 2018-Spring 2019
Co-President of the Girls' Service League, May 2016 - May 2018
The Girls Service League is a student-run service and volunteer organization that strives to increase the participation and leadership of all of the girls in the Poly community. We raise money through a dance concert and silent auction, and we donate the proceeds to a charity of our choosing. In addition, we run big sister/little sister which pairs up an underclassmen with an upperclassmen mentor. We organize events that strengthen our community such as festivals and dances.
Ambassadors, 2012 - 2016
Throughout middle and upper school, I assist with fundraisers, create friendly environments for visiting students, and lead tours to prospective families
Poetry Club, 2014 - 2015
Weekly lunchtime meetings to discuss each other's and outside poetry and participated in open mic nights.

Silver Key for Senior Portfolio from the Alliance for Young Art and Writers, January 2018
(Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2018)
Silver Key for Personal Essay from the Alliance for Young Art and Writers, January 2018
(Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2018)
Honorable Mention from LA Youth Poet Laureate, June 2017
Certificate of Honorable Merit Magna Cum Laude on the National Latin Exam, April 2017
Three Honorable Mentions from the Alliance for Young Art and Writers, February 2017
(Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2017)
Two Silver Keys and three Honorable Mentions from the Alliance for Young Art and Writers, March 2016
(Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2016)
Certificate of Honorable Merit Cum Laude on the National Latin Exam, April 2016
Honorable Mention from LA Youth Poet Laureate, April 2015
Honorable Mention from the Alliance for Young Art and Writers, March 2015
(Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2015)
Certificate of Honorable Merit Cum Laude on the National Latin Exam, April 22, 2015
Certificate of Honorable Merit Magna Cum Laude on the National Latin Exam, April 17, 2014

Theatrical and Literary Activities
Mrs. Wadsworth T. Harcourt in Anything Goes, April, 2018 Cover, Cast
Mrs. Antrobus in Polytechnic's school play The Skin of our Teeth, Fall 2017
Attended University of Chicago's Pre-College program, Summer 2017
Major: Creative Writing
Member of the ensemble in Polytechnic's upper school musical Young Frankenstein, Spring 2017
Performed slam poetry at Polytechnic's fifth quarter nights, 2017-2018
Fifth quarter is an arts showcase put on by the art's leadership council. It displays visual arts and gives people the space to present photography, movies, music, and writing.
Various roles in Polytechnic's production of Museum by Tina Howe, Fall 2016
Attended Emerson Pre-College summer program, Summer 2016
Majors: fiction, scriptwriting, and slam poetry
Prudy Pingleton in Polytechnic's upper school musical Hairspray, Spring 2016
Naomi in Naomi in the Living Room by Christopher Durang, Winter 2016 Cover, Inside
Various roles in Polytechnic's upper school play Machinal, Fall 2016 Cover, Inside
Attended Oxbridge at Oxford College, Summer 2015
Major: creative writing; Minor: international relations
Member of the ensemble in Polytechnic's upper school spring musical In the Heights, Spring 2015
Attended Stanford's Pre-Collegiate Studies for creative writing , Summer 2014
Attended Stanford's Summer Program EPGY (Education Program for Gifted Youth), Summer 2013
Colburn's Acting Drama 2 Class, 2012-present
Acted in four shows produced by the class and teacher, Debbie Devine, and currently assistant directing her spring 2017 shows

Selected Works
Self Loathing, Racism, and Frankenstein’s Monster
Confliction and Desirable
Good Enough

Athletic Participation
Emory Women's Club Volleyball, Fall 2018-Present.
Played on junior varsity basketball team, Winter 2014
Played on the freshman/sophomore volleyball team, Fall 2014

My oldest website: https://elliemcafee.net/E1/
The first website I created: http://elliemcafee.net/E2/

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